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Becoming a member of the Loves Park Ski Broncs requires a significant commitment, but the rewards are amazing. Some of the benefits include participation for your entire family, access to open ski sessions where experienced members can help you learn new skills, the opportunity to forge new friendships.  The use of club equipment at the ski site. This includes boats for skiing, gas for the boats, ropes, skis, flotation vests, helmets, and more!

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All members are expected to attend shows and practices throughout the season, which runs from early May until September, as well as all tournaments and off-season practices. It is essential for members to maintain a positive attitude, assist in setting up and storing equipment for shows and practices, contribute at all shows even if not yet skiing, and participate in fundraising activities. Skiing experience is not required for joining, but earning a position in the show is based on merit as no guarantees are provided.

Membership Dues

Membership Type Organization Dues
Active Skier A skier who enters performance areas during practice, shows and competitions. $100
Active Non-Skier An active non-skier who enters performance areas during practice, shows a and competitions. $30
Active Family Four or more active skiers or active non-skiers  of the same family husband and wife or parent(s)/guardian(s) and child(children) under the age of 25 $350
Affiliated An active non skier who does not enter performance areas during practices, shows, or competitions. Affiliated members ages 16 and up have full voting rights $30

All Ski Broncs members are required to join USA Water Ski with an Active Membership for secondary insurance and complete SafeSport training if over the age of 18 to participate in any team functions. This membership is valid for one year from the time of membership and cost is determined by age.