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Liz A.
Liz has been show skiing for 6 years now. She enjoys skiing in ballet line and swivel, and loves doing pyramids. Read More.
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Jared A
Jared is 26 years old and works for Anderson Excavating. He began skiing when he and his wife Ali started dating. Read More.
Ron A
Ron Anderson is a boat driver for the Ski Broncs. This is his 2nd year on the Ski Broncs, but his 7th year as a show skier. Read More.
Ali A.
Ali has been a show skier for 8 years and with the ski broncs for 2 years. She enjoys ballet, swivel, prefab, pyramids, jumping,... Read More.
Liz A.
Liz has been show skiing for 6 years now. She enjoys skiing in ballet line and swivel, and loves doing pyramids. Read More.
Phil A.
Phil will be entering his second season with the Ski Broncs. He is a sophomore at the University of Illinois where he studies Political... Read More.
Garrett B
Garrett - Otherwise know as little G. Garrett learned how to ski when he was 4 but really got into it last summer when he was 5. Read More.
Jackie B
Jackie first learned how to ski after meeting Ward back in 1987. She quickly fell in love with the sport and the Ski Broncs motivating... Read More.
Tyler B
Tyler was raised around Ski Broncs from the day he was born. He currently jumps, barefoots, bases pyramids, and does strap doubles. Read More.
Ward B
Ward is currently the show director for the team. Ward's first year was in 1977 when he graduated from Harlem High School. Read More.
Cameron B.
Cameron has skied for the Ski Broncs for two summers. He is a sophomore at Harlem High School and plays snare drums in band, plays... Read More.
Dawn F
Dawn has only been on the Ski Broncs for one season, but learned how to ski quickly. She performed in B team ballet line and is ready... Read More.
Jimmy H
I'm 18 going to be 19 Febuary 27th. Last year was my first year in the Ski Broncs and it changed my life.I made alot of new friends... Read More.
Emily K.
Hi I’m Emily. I started skiing when I was 5 years old and I started performing with the Ski Broncs in 2005. I started doing doubles... Read More.
Steve K.
Steve has been affectionately referred to as our “vintage barefooter,” having performed as a Ski Broncs barefooter since 1992 when he... Read More.
Jacklyn S.
Jacklyn is a sophomore at Harlem High School. She skis in ballet line, climbs pyramids, and does conventionals. Read More.
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